Conbini, short for convenience store, are the epitome of convenience! You can do pretty much anything at a conbini. Here is the list:

Use the ATM: If you want to withdraw money from your foreign account, 7-11 is your friend.

Use their postage service: Some conbinis are partnered with post companies to make sending post more convenient!

Pay utility bills: There usually is a barcode on the back of utility bills for scanning and you can pay for it at a conbini. To check whether the conbini near you can offer this service, look at the back of the bill, which usually indicates which conbinis support this service.

Pick up and pay for online purchases: Picking up things you have bought online at the conbini is standard practice, but some conbinis let you pay for the online shopping once it arrives! This is great for people who want to online shop but do not have a Japanese credit card.

How this is done:
1. Show the cashier at the counter the barcode or order number you received from the site where you made your purchase from.
2. Pay the cashier.
3. Receive your package.

Pay for tickets: You can also book and pay the fee for tickets at most conbinis. This can be used for amusement park tickets, long-distance bus tickets, concert tickets, and even flight tickets. Some tickets can be bought straight from the conbini, or need to be booked online beforehand and have a number issued by the booking company. Just beware that some conbinis carry different services for ticket payments!

How this is done:
1. Go to the ticket machine.
2. Punch in the necessary information. If you booked ahead of time, punch in information that you received from the site that you purchased your ticket from.
3. Once everything goes through, it will print out the order paper.
4. Take the paper to the cashier. Pay for it and receive the tickets or the receipt.

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