Deep South

If you ever feel like escaping the busy city life the Deep South has plenty to offer. Kumano and the overall Deep South Region are full of natural beauty and friendly people. Whether it’s at the prefecture’s largest firework festival in Kumano, the Ya-Ya  Matsuri of Owase, camping out with us at Camp Inn Miyama, visiting Sea Turtles and Totoro in Kiho and Mihama, or just hiking one of the many parts of the Kumano Kodo and taking in the natural beauty – we would love to have you here! And if you’re worried about trains, most of us are willing to host people overnight. Please visit us anytime!


Regional Advisors for the Deep South Region

I’m Desriel (The Rastafarian Mermaid) one of the two awesome Deep South RAs! I’m from the beautiful island of Barbados, currently living in the breathtakingly gorgeous Kumano-shi! Please be sure to visit Kumano’s fantastic firework festival in August! Deep South is the heart of Nature and traditional Japanese culture! Whistling like the wind from Mountain tops, cascading down our spectacular waterfalls and bouncing serenely from Shrine to your heart; the Deep South aura will envelope you like a warm hug and hopefully be not only a placement but a home! Positive Energy Always!



Hey everyone! I’m Nisa, one of the RAs for the Deep South region, and this will be just my second year on JET! I’m placed in the wonderful Owase, where I can sometimes be found wandering the streets in search of the days festival music! Other pastimes include video games of all sorts, reading, writing, all sorts of music, and sewing!


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