Find an English-speaking doctor near you

Here are some resources for finding doctors in Mie. The first two resources provide information on health practitioners in both physical and mental health.

1. Mie Iryou Net (三重医療ネット)

A search engine that will suggest doctors based on what you plug in. Click on the middle yellow tab and then click “English Search Hospital, Clinic, Midwifery Center.”

2. MIEF (Mie International Exchange Foundation)

From this page, you can download an Excel file that lists all the doctors in Mie that speak other languages, English being the most common second language. Just use the “Control + F” function in Excel to find keywords that match your needs.

3. Mie JET Clinic Review Map

The Mie PAs have collected anonymous reviews of medical clinics, dental clinics etc. from Mie JET participants and organized them in “pins” on our Clinic Review Google MyMap. Check and see if a fellow JET has reviewed a clinic of interest to you!


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