Iga Nabari

The Iga/Nabari area is one of the great gems of Mie Prefecture. Bordering Nara prefecture to the west the climate here follows suit with the rest of mainland Japan, featuring humid summers and cold winters with plenty of gorgeous days in between. Be sure to take advantage of the great weather and explore the area on bike or on foot – you’re never too far from a cycling or hiking trail in these parts!

Iga is proudly known throughout the land as the birthplace of the Ninja. Try and spot the pink and yellow ninjas perched around town as you make your way to the beautiful Ueno Castle grounds to get a great view of the city. Be sure to then check out the always entertaining ninja show at the museum and then say hello to the famous ninja cat at Murai’s Teahouse in town. And of course don’t forget to take a trip on the Ninja Train, Iga’s local train line covered in one-of-a-kind paintings by famed manga artist Reiji Matsumoto.

80,000 people call Nabari home, as do countless cats and even monkeys (which you might see in the wild).  The area around the city boasts many beautiful natural sights, including the famous Akame 48 Waterfalls. In the springtime be sure to visit Nabari Park to see the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. You’ll also find some fantastic little cafes scattered around the city, and when you’re itching for a big-city fix, Osaka is a short hour-and-a-bit away on the Kintetsu line.

Regional Advisor for Iga Nabari Region



Hi there! I’m Allan, the Nabariga RA. I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and currently live in Iga, my favorite city in Japan. This is my fifth year on JET, as I love it here, and hopefully you will too! I may be a 90s kid, but my passion is 80s pop culture. I collect retro video games, and I know just about every used game store in the region. I also live for karaoke. If you want to be dazzled by natsukashii pop songs, I’m always happy to go!


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