JET Accident Insurance

What kind of “accidents” does it cover?

The JET Accident Insurance covers expenses for serious cases such as death, disability and injuries from accidents. However injuries caused by some types of dangerous sports are excluded*. You can also make a claim for medical expenses for general illnesses or injuries that you got after arriving in Japan.

What medical expenses are covered?

The amount which was not covered (30%) by the health insurance can be claimed with the JET Accident Insurance (minus ¥5,000). Medical treatment that health insurance does not cover cannot be claimed (eg. over the counter medicine).

Who is covered?

JET participants are covered but their family members are not covered. However, in the case that a JET is hospitalized for three days or more or a JET dies, roundtrip airfares and accommodation costs for up to three family members will be covered.

How do I claim medical expenses with the JET Accident Insurance?

Contact the Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance company as soon as you are in an accident, get sick or see a doctor to begin treatment for an illness or injury. You must report to them within 30 days or else you may not be able to claim the medical expenses. They will explain the process of filing a claim and what documents they require. You can ask for “English please” when you call 0120-881-018.

What if I need to continue receiving medical treatment for a while?

Medical expenses for an illness or injury that occur after coming to Japan can be covered for up to 180 days.

Am I only covered for medical treatment in Japan?

No. You are also covered when you visit your home country (up to 30 days) and when you are travelling to another country. *Conditions apply

I don’t know where my JET Accident Insurance Policy Guide is. Where can I find more information?

You can read about it on CLAIR’s website or download the full policy guide from their website here. There is also some information about it in the General Information Handbook (download here).

*Read more about the exclusions of coverage in the General Information Handbook (page 59) or in the JET Accident Insurance Policy Guide (page 5).

If you have a question about your specific circumstances, please call and ask Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance on 0120-881-018 or 0120-529-955 (for after hours).

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