Learning Japanese in Mie

Japanese Classes

There are many Japanese classes offered at the city level for foreigners living in Mie who wish to learn Japanese. Here is a list of classes. Some are free, and some charge a minimal fee for the classes. There are also private tutoring companies that offer Japanese lessons, though it can be a little pricey.


Get Certified

The Japanese Proficiency Test, or 日本語(にほんご)能力(のうりょく)試験(しけん) is a great goal to set. You can also put this accomplishment on your resume!

If you are more interested in Kanji, there is also the 漢字(かんじ)検定(けんてい) to certify your love for kanji.


Do a language exchange

If conversational skills are what you’re after, having someone to practice speaking is a great way to learn natural Japanese. If you do a language exchange, you also get to help someone out with their conversation skills in English too! You can ask people you know to see if they know anyone who would be interested, look for clubs that do language/cultural exchange, etc. Look around for what possibilities are available in your community!



If you want to work on your Japanese at your own pace, finding a free language learning website or a textbook might be right for you. There are a number of great work books as well as language learning websites out there for you to try!

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