Welcome to Mie! We are in charge of the Matsusaka Region, including Matsusaka, Taiki, Taki, Odai, and Meiwa. You were lucky to be placed in our region; we have great restaurants, scenery, and free Japanese classes! On top of that, along with the rest of Mie, we have a wonderful community of both JETs and Japanese people to make you feel right at home. There’s something for everyone, if you like the great outdoors, there are amazing hiking trails, or for the more reserved, we can recommend you great places to shop for books, comics, and more.

Each area has their own claim to fame. Matsusaka is known for its beef. While pricey, it’s very delicious and should be tried at least once! You may get lucky enough to have it at an enkai! In Meiwa, we have one of the biggest malls in Mie and a movie theatre for Japanese and international movies in English. Taki is where you can go for free Japanese classes on Tuesday night and a great onsen. Taiki and Odai are both known for their nature and hiking trails. You can also go to the beach in Taiki and on your way home, you can stop and pick up a glass of Ouchiyama milk!

Regional Advisors for the Matsusaka Region


Hi, I’m Johannah! A fourth year JET from Australia, placed in Matsusaka. Self-professed queen of the nerds. You can usually find me running D&D, playing video games, taking pictures of weird bugs and thinking about how I can implement everything into D&D.



S__12173314Hello! I’m Olivia! I’m a second year JET from Kansas City, USA, placed in Odai. I love to play video games, especially RGPs and anything Nintendo! I’m also a big fan of fantasy and sci-fi movies. Whenever possible, I love to travel to new places, take lots of pictures, and eat as much delicious food as I can!

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