Welcome to Tsu, the capital city of Mie prefecture! In 2006, a number of cities and districts merged with Tsu, making it the largest city in Mie. As a result, there are plenty of things to do and see, from fireworks and festivals in the summer, to leaf-viewing in the autumn and cherry blossom viewing in the spring, to beautiful illumination light displays in the winter.

To the north of Tsu Station you can find Mie University and Hospital, and the historic areas of Edobashi and Ishinden. The area has tonnes of Japanese-style restaurants and bars, so you’ll never be short of places to eat and drink! There are also a number of temples and shrines around the area which are worth a visit. For when you just feel like relaxing with plenty of snacks, there’s the Aeon Cinema not too far from Tsu Station, too.

South of the river there’s Tsu Yacht Harbour and beach, which is a fantastic place to chill in the summer heat. There’s also Yuki Shrine, Tsu City Gym, and Matsubishi Department Store. You’re really spoilt for choice in Tsu when it comes to dining, as the Tsushinmachi area has so many great bars and restaurants too! Outside the city, there are plenty of parks and scenic walking areas, as well as onsens dotted around the countryside. The area is yours to explore!

The new Tsu Minami Mall has a beautiful theater! You can also get a real steak at Ikinari Steak or a tasty donut at Jack in the Donuts there.

One of the most popular events is Tsu Festival in October. There’s plenty to see, do and eat, and it really shows the unique culture and spirit of the city. If you have a chance, please give it a try!

Regional Advisors for the Tsu Region

135065Hello, everyone! I’m Christian, one of the two Tsu RAs. Nice to meet you. Feel free to contact me if you need anything. Or if you need game recommendations. Or anime recommendations. I haven’t really watched anime since coming to Japan, but anything before that point I gotchu fam.

I also play Smash Bros so hit me up with your friend code if you play.


Hello everyone! I’m Emily, a 5th year JET and one of the new RAs for Tsu. I’m from America (Georgia) and graduated from THE Ohio State University (Go Bucks). Feel free to contact me if you need any help. Or if you have a question about pirates or Arashi (the Johnny’s group, not the meteorological event).
My hobbies include playing video games, reading books, and trash talking my friends so much while playing Monopoly that they mute me. I’m looking forward to working as an RA this year!

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