What are Regional Advisors?

Regional Advisors (RAs) are representatives of each region in Mie that contribute to the prefectural JET community. They are an important part of the emergency contact system and help local JETs with settling into their region. RAs meet with the Prefectural Advisors (PAs) periodically throughout the year and assist with the Mie Orientation in August.


  1. Outreach to incoming JETs: Establish contact with the local JETs online or in person. Help incoming JETs feel like a part of the community by organizing a regional welcome event. Assist new JETs with getting settled by providing regional information, shopping advice, transportation advice, etc.
  2. Communication with the RA-PA team: Reliably respond to emails and messages from the PAs and other RAs. Attend Mie Orientation (early to mid-August), the mid-year RA-PA meeting (March) and the pre-Orientation meeting (late June).
  3. Emergency preparedness: Create a regional LINE group and manage the emergency contact information of local JETs. Confirm the safety of the JETs in the region in case of a disaster.
  4. Ongoing assistance: Offer advice or refer JETs to relevant resources (such as the Mie PA website) when asked about regional information throughout the year.
  5. Additional responsibilities at the RA/community’s discretion. RAs are not required to organize regular social gatherings (apart from the welcome event) but are welcome to do so with other members of the community.


  1. Knowledge of their region
  2. Ability to maintain confidentiality: RAs will have access to personal contact information for JET safety confirmation purposes. They must keep this information confidential.
  3. Ready to confirm the safety and whereabouts of the ALTs in their region through the LINE app in case of a natural disaster.
  4. Understanding of Japanese culture and a basic command of the Japanese language is a plus.

RA Selection Process

  1. JET participants will be contacted by the PAs or their RA about an opening.
  2. JET participants who want to be considered for the position must contact their RA to express their interest.
  3. The RA-PA team will collectively decide on the most suitable candidate based on their ability to fulfill the role of RA. Candidates are not chosen by popular vote. Final candidates will be contacted for a casual interview.



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