Yokkaichi & Komono

Kintetsu Yokkaichi is the regional city center. It’s surrounded by a plethora of restaurants and shops. It’s the place you’re most likely to go to for hanging out, enkais (drinking parties) with coworkers and/or singing your heart out at karaoke. If you’re looking to get away and relax, taking a visit to Komono’s Yunoyama Onsen or spending a day at Mt. Gozaisho is the perfect place for you.

Notable Festivals: Yokkaichi Matsuri (August) and Komono Souhei Matsuri (October)


Regional Advisor for the Yokkaichi & Komono Region


Hello and welcome!
My name is Kelly Van Roy, and I’ll be serving as your contact RA for the Komono-Yokkaichi region. I will be serving during my third year on the JET Program. I’m a half Filipino-American from no particular area because my family moved around with the Air Force, but I came from Georgia last.

Aside from being a regular lover of Japanese culture, I’m a person of boundless interests, including traveling, cooking, and creative writing. I’m game to try most anything. You can catch me singing or dancing just about anywhere, so of course long karaoke sessions are always welcome!

I’m really friendly, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at all, and I’ll be happy to help you with anything I can. Nice to meet you!

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